Caleb and I enjoyed the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada on our Honeymoon in October 2016. When exploring new places we prefer to be adventurists over tourists. We spent the better part of our time there just the two of us, driving as far as we could each day and soaking in all of the beauty we felt the Lord had placed there just for us in those moments. Pictures like these are why I feel such an importance about my art and my calling. When looking back at these images I can still smell the freshness of the rushing water. I can feel the crunch of the snow and the ice in the cool air in my lungs. I can hear the stillness of the evergreens and the tunes of the songs we hummed while hammocking next to Lake Louise. But most of all, I can still feel the butterflies I felt for my husband, whom I loved then almost as much as I do now.

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