The Souls Behind the Camera

We are Caleb and Rebekah Rogers. We consider ourselves free-souled creatives and lovers of the Living Word. We were married in the forest in 2016 and welcomed our daughter into the world to join our story in March of 2018. When we're not working you can find us riding through the mountains in the Jeep, dancing in the kitchen, or outside exploring with the baby. We do so love to travel, but in our deepest souls we are homebodies. We're happiest in our garden, cuddled up with a paperback, or just making sweet, simple memories in our little home by the woods with Evva.

More About Rebekah


I’m the main photographer and editor at Earth Psalm. I’m a cancer survivor, creative entrepreneur, and daughter of a King. I was raised in a southern Christian home by two good, honest parents. I rebelled wildly throughout my teenage years and young adulthood but ultimately found my way back to Jesus. I married my heart and now partner, Caleb, and I’m Mama to my darling Evangeline. To keep it sweet and simple, I love black coffee, baby wearing, She Reads Truth, the Magnolia Journal, and the smell of eucalyptus and bookstores.

More About Caleb

Hey guys, I’m Caleb. Much like my wife I was wild when I was younger, which isn’t news to anybody that knows me. But, also like my wife, I fell in love with the Lord and changed how I lived for it. I was also a bit of a globetrotter before I found my place here at home with Rebekah and Evva. I lived in Germany for a few years, and I’ve visited the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, and Spain among other places. Now I spend my spare time keeping the garden, studying world history (okay, I’m a nerd), and building all the stuff my wife sees on Pinterest. Of course that’s all when I’m not making a fool of myself for just a tiny smile from my baby girl. (Evangeline, not Rebekah.)